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Legal Representation: if you wish to  inquire about legal representation from Morgan and Morgan, PC, please contact our offices at (405) 748-6200. We will obtain information from you, conduct a conflict of interest check, and then determine if the firm may represent you. If the firm chooses to represent you, we will send you a letter of engagement, which once you sign and return to us, you will become our client. At that point, we may exchange information freely. However, please remember that no form on this website is secure, nor is any e-mail secure. Therefore, never send us confidential and private information by digital means.

Information on site: in the event that the information on this website is inconsistent with the rules governing communications of legal services in a particular state, Morgan and Morgan, PC will not assume representation of said clients based upon this website's communication.

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CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOU CHOOSE TO CONTACT LARRY A. MORGAN BY EMAIL, THE INFORMATION MAY NOT BE DEEMED TO BE CONFIDENTIAL. Your communications by e-mail to an attorney who does not represent you are not confidential or privileged. We cannot treat you as a client or advise you on any legal matter until we have determined there is no conflict of interest and have specifically agreed to represent you. We prefer you call us.

 E-MAIL PRIVACY: If you are an existing client, please do not send confidential information by e-mail unless specifically approved in advance by your attorney. E-mail and online forms are not secure against interception and senders cannot expect privacy. Therefore we ask that you do not include sensitive, private, personal information in any e-mail to us.

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